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From the “Bridge of Spies” to the Smart City: a Berlin narrative

by Ares Kalandides [1] Reading the multiple stories that have been praising Berlin with its youth culture and creative scene as the rising star among European cities, it is easy to forget how recent this development actually is. The 2015 Spielberg … Continue reading

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Drastic shifts in local retail districts – is tourism the driver?

By Markus Kather and Paul Köper  Are you looking for a small boutique or an antique shop in the north of Berlin’s Schöneberg district? Whereas a few years ago you would stumble into one of them at almost any corner, … Continue reading

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A Sense of Scale – Part I

By Renard Teipelke I wanted to put a simple scale definition here, but I did not like what I found. What is scale with regard to cities? Generally, it is about size, dimensions, relationality. Particularly I am referring to scale … Continue reading

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Infrastructure Projects Concern Not Only Engineers

by Renard Teipelke From the end of 2008 until the end of 2012, the first ‘Superhighway’ in East Africa was constructed between Kenya’s capital Nairobi and the industrial satellite town of Thika in the Northern part of the Nairobi Metropolitan … Continue reading

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Urban Explorations: Covered Passages in Paris

by Markus Kather Visiting Paris last month, strolling off the beaten track, I found myself in a labyrinth of covered passages. Most of them are situated in the areas bordering the Grands Boulevards. The passages are super diverse in architecture … Continue reading

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Gardens in the City (I): Community Gardening

by Markus Kather Despite (or because of) the grey Berlin winter, I was thinking about green spaces lately. Urban gardening and urban gardens became one of the top issues in urbanism: as a (planner’s) strategy to deal with transformations in … Continue reading

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City vs. Suburbia: Silicon Valley Shifting North

by Markus Kather High-tech seems to be tired of suburban business parks and enters the cities. The urban turn that has been taken by most creative industries now hits the epicentre of the world’s high-tech industry, the Silicon Valley. A … Continue reading

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Uberlândia – or why we should hear more about second- and third-row cities

By Renard Teipelke Uberlândia – Uber what? Denmark, The Netherlands, or a city in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings? Far from that! Uberlândia is actually a medium-sized city in Brazil (population: 604’000). On first sight, the city … Continue reading

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Urban Hacking (4): Hacking structuring space

by Hanna Lutz I stop at red traffic lights. I walk on the sidewalk instead in the middle of the traffic. At night I choose the illuminated path instead of the dark one. I (usually) don’t enter “No trespassing” areas. And … Continue reading

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21st Century Waterfront Redevelopment in Washington, D.C.

by Renard Teipelke Ideal public transit connection, walkability, mixed-use, brownfield redevelopment, green infrastructure, efficient resource systems, inclusion of the historic urban fabric…what sounds like a planner’s wish list for urban redevelopment is actually the description used for two major projects … Continue reading

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