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Place marketing and sustainable places

by Cathy Parker* Recently, Piccadilly Gardens was voted Manchester’s worst attraction on Tripadvisor. The designers of Piccadilly Gardens, Arup, say “Piccadilly Gardens transforms Manchester’s central park from a problem area into an effective public space”. On the other hand tripadvisors say “Designed … Continue reading

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Pick of the Day: India’s smart city craze: big, green and doomed from the start? | Cities |

“And it exists: on paper. Its name is Dholera, and it is a key part of what you might call India’s 21st-century utopian urban experiment. Economists argue that the country desperately needs new cities: its urban population is expected to … Continue reading

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Improving High Street Performance: What are we trying to achieve?

Originally posted on Prof Cathy Parker's Blog:
? We have just finished a review of the published academic retail, shopping and town centre literature so we can identify all the factors that affect high street performance.  We have read…

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A Sense of Scale – Part II

By Renard Teipelke At the end of last year, my ‘scale’ perspective and understanding was challenged when I moved to the gigantic metropolitan area of Manila in the Philippines (article here). Earlier this year (2014) I have been challenged again … Continue reading

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