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Urban Hacking (4): Hacking structuring space

by Hanna Lutz I stop at red traffic lights. I walk on the sidewalk instead in the middle of the traffic. At night I choose the illuminated path instead of the dark one. I (usually) don’t enter “No trespassing” areas. And … Continue reading

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21st Century Waterfront Redevelopment in Washington, D.C.

by Renard Teipelke Ideal public transit connection, walkability, mixed-use, brownfield redevelopment, green infrastructure, efficient resource systems, inclusion of the historic urban fabric…what sounds like a planner’s wish list for urban redevelopment is actually the description used for two major projects … Continue reading

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Urban Hacking (3): Hacking Advertising Space

By Hanna Lutz “Ιmages and characters hang, stick and flap whereever we look. Advertising on advertising pillars and billboards, on bus stops and in buses, ads in elevators, on taxi roofs, on sidewalks, advertising on the highest high-rise buildings […] Advertising … Continue reading

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The many faces of Athenian identity*

by Ares Kalandides Eri’s fingers type messages on her mobile at the speed of light. She’s arranging to meet with her friends at the square and just hang out. Eri is 16, born and raised in the dense central Athenian … Continue reading

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The London 2012 Olympics impacts and legacy: an Edinburgh perspective

by Kenneth Wardrop Sunday 9 September saw the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic Games and the end of the UK’s ‘Summer of Sport’, the highlight of which was the Olympic Games from the 27 July to the 12 … Continue reading

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