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Philharmonie de Paris: a grand design turned £300m ‘bottomless pit’ | World news |

The part of the story behind iconic buildings that they never tell you: diverting funds from other urban projects of higher priority: “The extravagant metal-encased building, likened to a stack of giant paving stones reflecting the city, is the latest … Continue reading

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For the Love of a City by Michael Marder – Project Syndicate

“That is how easily recognizable landmarks—Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, and so on—acquire their bigger-than-life significance. These privileged parts of the city stand in for the whole in a substitution that makes the process of idealization possible. New York “is” … Continue reading

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Amsterdam’s New Stedelijk Museum –

“The truth is, the Bilbao effect is largely a myth. Frank Gehry’s museum alone didn’t turn around that city. It capped decades of civic renewal. Flashy, even brilliant buildings rarely rejuvenate neighborhoods or guarantee crowds and cash just by virtue … Continue reading

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Immigration in Berlin: Can Social Integration Take Place in a Bathhouse?

by Gabriela Chavez* I knew early on in my research project that I wanted to focus on some aspect of the Turkish community but I began at first with an arguably unanswerable question: are the Turkish communities “integrated” into society … Continue reading

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The Gentrification Conversation: Losing Sight of Nuance in Berlin’s Neukölln District

by Darius Rafieyan* “Suddenly, they were all here. All these students, artists, layabouts. The complete mob called creative class[…] and suddenly all was changing. The rents were no longer cheap, the drug dealers left the Reuterplatz, whorehouses closed, instead we … Continue reading

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Kultur(brauerei) for sale*

by Ares Kalandides The news that the Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg is to be sold off to private investors didn’t really move crowds. As if the old brewery was so mainstream already that this final blow was of little importance. … Continue reading

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City vs. Suburbia: Silicon Valley Shifting North

by Markus Kather High-tech seems to be tired of suburban business parks and enters the cities. The urban turn that has been taken by most creative industries now hits the epicentre of the world’s high-tech industry, the Silicon Valley. A … Continue reading

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You Want Another Index? Here We Go with INNOVATION!

By Renard Teipelke There is probably no index missing in the profession (and obsession) of ranking cities. One index that was recently mentioned in the UN-Habitat State of the World Cities Report 2012/2013 is the Innovation Cities Index. 2thinknow, the … Continue reading

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A temporary store – lessons learned and things remaining

by Markus Kather For two weeks the temporary concept store of the Berlin-Neukölln based fashion network NEMONA presented an overview of contemporary design scene in one of Berlin’s most diverse neighbourhoods. Two weeks that will have a sustainable impact on … Continue reading

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‘Squatters are not home stealers’ | Society | The Guardian

‘Squatters are not home stealers’ | Society | The Guardian. The criminalising of squatters in Britain is part of a Europe-wide backlash. But with at least 10% of the world population squatting, can they really be a menace to society? … Continue reading

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