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Places and figures of speech: metaphor, metonymy and synecdoche

by Ares Kalandides This image, which appeared on TIP’s (Berlin city magazine) Facebook page on 29th July 2016, depicts a map of Berlin, where boroughs have been replaced by types of fast food. I find the map very funny, but … Continue reading

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Places don’t have DNAs – living organisms do

by Ares Kalandides I recently came upon a very interesting (and in my opinion also very useful) document, the World Towns Framework, which begins with the following: “We shall support the unique characteristics of each town and urban district, the ‘DNA of place’, … Continue reading

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How Night Mayors Harness the Power of Cities After Dusk

by Valentin Schipfer Slowly but surely cities around the globe realize that there might be a slight relation between a vivid night club scene and a flourishing creative industry, including tech start-ups. The global competition for these promising economic branches … Continue reading

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Ten Take-Aways from the World Cities Summit 2016

By Renard Teipelke It is for sure not comprehensive to distill ten take-aways from the World Cities Summit, which takes place every two years, brings together more than 1,000 delegates, and is co-hosted together with the International Water Week and … Continue reading

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