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How Night Mayors Harness the Power of Cities After Dusk

by Valentin Schipfer Slowly but surely cities around the globe realize that there might be a slight relation between a vivid night club scene and a flourishing creative industry, including tech start-ups. The global competition for these promising economic branches … Continue reading

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Pick of the day: Creative Capitalist City – the Struggle for affordable space in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam’s New Stedelijk Museum – NYTimes.com

“The truth is, the Bilbao effect is largely a myth. Frank Gehry’s museum alone didn’t turn around that city. It capped decades of civic renewal. Flashy, even brilliant buildings rarely rejuvenate neighborhoods or guarantee crowds and cash just by virtue … Continue reading

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Holland Art Cities: cooperation as competitive advantage

by Hans Pul Especially since the Place Branding Conference of last month, the concepts competition and cooperation have been the theme of some recent posts on this blog*. In this post I will follow-up on this topic and discuss some aspects … Continue reading

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Sex and Drugs and Rock-‘n-Roll: Welcome to Amsterdam

by Ares Kalandides “DNA is the main carrier of genetic information of living organisms. This means DNA determines who you are and what makes you one of a kind.” This is the message in the introduction to the roughly 100-page-long … Continue reading

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Impacts of City Tourism: An international comparison of management strategies – Part II

>>> read Part I by Nils Grube In Venice, over the decades, Tourism has led to an “expulsion” of many locals, tells Francesca Perotto, who is responsible for the Venetian Government Tourist Board. “The pressure on the housing market increased … Continue reading

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