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Places and figures of speech: metaphor, metonymy and synecdoche

by Ares Kalandides This image, which appeared on TIP’s (Berlin city magazine) Facebook page on 29th July 2016, depicts a map of Berlin, where boroughs have been replaced by types of fast food. I find the map very funny, but … Continue reading

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Places don’t have DNAs – living organisms do

by Ares Kalandides I recently came upon a very interesting (and in my opinion also very useful) document, the World Towns Framework, which begins with the following: “We shall support the unique characteristics of each town and urban district, the ‘DNA of place’, … Continue reading

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Communities of exclusion: Some thoughts on the concept of community

by Ares Kalandides A bizarre piece of news caught my attention recently: A Kosovarian family was allegedly denied citizenship in Switzerland, not for failing to comply with the formal requirements, but for not adapting to the local norms. The transgressions … Continue reading

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How public is public space?

by Ares Kalandides A signature list is being passed around in my Berlin neighbourhood around Kollwitzplatz in Prenzlauer Berg. We’re asked to sign against the regulations by the local borough of Pankow on how to use public space. Cafés and … Continue reading

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Naples: The anti-tourist city

by Ares Kalandides I’m not often a tourist – a real tourist I mean. I usually travel to places for work or in order to meet friends. But last week I visited Naples in Italy for the third time in … Continue reading

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An Implementation Critique of Jan Gehl’s “Cities for People”

By Renard Teipelke In 2010, Danish architect and urban design thinker Jan Gehl compiled his profession’s key urban design principles and convictions in the well-received book “Cities for People”. I like the way he describes how the planning and development … Continue reading

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Further Densification – Are They Ready for This?

By Renard Teipelke Eight out of the 30 most densely populated cities of the world are located within Metro Manila, Philippines (here). Number 30 is Makati City with about 19,000 people per square kilometer. Number 1 is Manila City with … Continue reading

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Livable Cities Rankings: Quality of Life Has Its Price

By Renard Teipelke I am sure combined rankings exist. Rankings where cities are evaluated and scored for both their quality of living and their cost of living. But generally, the leading rankings of “livable cities” do not concern themselves much … Continue reading

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The intangible value of Piraeus

Why COSCO wants all of Piraeus, not only the containers By Costis Hadjimichalis[1] What exactly did the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF)[2] and the Greek government sell to COSCO at the shockingly low amount of 280.5 million Euro at once … Continue reading

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From the “Bridge of Spies” to the Smart City: a Berlin narrative

by Ares Kalandides [1] Reading the multiple stories that have been praising Berlin with its youth culture and creative scene as the rising star among European cities, it is easy to forget how recent this development actually is. The 2015 Spielberg … Continue reading

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