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How Night Mayors Harness the Power of Cities After Dusk

by Valentin Schipfer Slowly but surely cities around the globe realize that there might be a slight relation between a vivid night club scene and a flourishing creative industry, including tech start-ups. The global competition for these promising economic branches … Continue reading

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A Very Telling Footpath Story

By Renard Teipelke This is a short story about a single view and multiple perspectives. The view is shown in the first photo of this blog article: There are three lawns. They are surrounded by a US-American style checkerboard street … Continue reading

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Vila Autódromo in Rio de Janeiro: The big, the bad, the ugly

by Daniel Wagner The scenery: a wild and isolated lagoon about 40km west from the centre of Rio de Janeiro. This was what the first dwellers of the favela “Vila Autódromo” encountered when they first settled in the region about … Continue reading

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Renovating Kensington

By Renard Teipelke This August I visited London for the second time. I have been to the city the first time in 2011. During both visits I was staying in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (at a friend’s … Continue reading

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Fake Hipster Neighborhoods

By Renard Teipelke At some point the change happened. Often it is very hard to recall when it had all started. The derelict neighborhood has become hip. It does not need to be about gentrification all the time. Let’s focus … Continue reading

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7 Best-Practices of Social Architecture

  by Valentin Schipfer As you know my blog entries regularly deal with social innovations being realized in bottom-up co-operational projects. Vivid examples are the Bicycle Empowerment Network in Namibia’s capital Windhoek, connecting informal sector employers and job seekers, … Continue reading

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Crowdfunding Urbanism – Breaking New Ground in Civic Participation

by Valentin Schipfer To be honest, I have never parted with Euros for any crowdfunding project until today. I suppose ideas on , or similar platforms have not yet convinced me enough. Probably I did not enthuse and … Continue reading

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3 Urban Innovator Stories from Informal Settlements

by Valentin Schipfer Who can’t stand reading nor hearing nor watching something about the Eurozone crisis no more – except me? I don’t think that I am alone with that. Newspapers, TV, internet blogs and all other types of media … Continue reading

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8 Urban Guerilla Marketing Campaigns Worth Watching

by Valentin Schipfer Did you know that some years ago the megalopolis São Paulo in Brazil had banned commercial advertising in the city? Since stone-age cave-painting we know, there has always been kind of a natural urge of humanity for … Continue reading

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Urban Explorations: Covered Passages in Paris

by Markus Kather Visiting Paris last month, strolling off the beaten track, I found myself in a labyrinth of covered passages. Most of them are situated in the areas bordering the Grands Boulevards. The passages are super diverse in architecture … Continue reading

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