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Fashion Businesses in Berlin – Resources and Challenges (Part 1)

by Ares Kalandides When the next Berlin Fashion Week opens its doors on 8th July, fashion aficionados from all over the world will flood the city, filling up show rooms and catwalks. Through the efforts of the Berlin administration and a very lively … Continue reading

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How business rates impact upon high street performance – the evidence

by Cathy Parker* There is an ongoing talk about the re-evaluation of business rates, and several high profile reports (e.g. the Grimsey Review 2013) call for drastic measures in the business rates system before it is ‘too late’ for the high street. … Continue reading

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Register for free now: Webinar “High Street UK2020: 50 years of change!”

by Ares Kalandides How much do you know about retail and city centres? How much do you know about the major forces of change that impact on the High Street today? Would you like to know how change can be managed at … Continue reading

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Barriers to expansion on the High Street

by Cathy Parker* Following on from our latest review of barriers to entry and the High street, we now move on to expansion. Again we have evidence that the structure of existing locations can act as a barrier to expansion. “Location … Continue reading

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Barriers to entry, new entrants, churn and the High Street

by Cathy Parker* In 1961, Jane Jacobs wrote “recent emphasis on entrepreneurs and innovation as sources of economic growth has led to the renewed recognition of city centers”, thereby positioning centres as locations for entrepreneurship and innovation. However, the structure … Continue reading

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The Rooftop: An Urban Refugium between Function and Lifestyle

By Renard Teipelke My view goes down from the sky to the ground. It is the bird’s eye view on a city. I am standing on one of these “skydecks”, which every larger city has to offer nowadays. But I … Continue reading

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Economic opportunities in peripheral regions: some considerations

by Paul Köper Many economically weak, peripheral regions seem stuck in a vicious circle: private investment withdraws and is followed by disinvestment in public infrastructure and services (or the other way round), causing demographic decline, which then starts the downwards … Continue reading

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