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The Rooftop: An Urban Refugium between Function and Lifestyle

By Renard Teipelke My view goes down from the sky to the ground. It is the bird’s eye view on a city. I am standing on one of these “skydecks”, which every larger city has to offer nowadays. But I … Continue reading

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Urban development and the illusion of participation

by Ares Kalandides Participation has somehow managed to become the cliché of urban planning. You know, one of these terms that have lost their meaning through constant lip service. Participatory planning is taught at universities and is an integral part of … Continue reading

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Global Second Row-Status as a City’s Advantage?!

by Renard Teipelke In my last article, I wrote about Frankfurt’s high ranking amongst German cities with regard to locational qualities, and I discussed the city’s high livability. While reasons for the good ranking of Frankfurt are found quickly, the … Continue reading

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Whose economic growth? Growing regional inequality in booming Germany.

by Ares Kalandides The latest news is that German economy has reached pre-crisis growth levels for the first time and that what we are  experiencing is close to a new Wirtschaftswunder. Indeed that seems to be the case if you … Continue reading

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