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Economic opportunities in peripheral regions: some considerations

by Paul Köper Many economically weak, peripheral regions seem stuck in a vicious circle: private investment withdraws and is followed by disinvestment in public infrastructure and services (or the other way round), causing demographic decline, which then starts the downwards … Continue reading

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COBRA: Looking for Opportunities in Weak Rural Areas

by Ares Kalandides Last year our team completed a Regional Development Plan for a part of Niederlausitz in Brandenburg, an area physically marked by open lignite mines and poor lands, by structurally low economic performance, high unemployment and an aging … Continue reading

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Regional Development Concepts and their inherent contradictions

by Ares Kalandides Every planning process has its own logic, which depends both on the culture it is embedded in and the particularities of the project. Today, I would like to reflect upon a process I have been involved in … Continue reading

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