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Ugly as the (Not So) Logical Norm?

By Renard Teipelke Take a look at the above picture. What do you see? A high-rise building, residential or mix-used. Is it an architectural icon? Well, it probably passes as “ugly” or at least “generic” in most readers’ view. There … Continue reading

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The Rooftop: An Urban Refugium between Function and Lifestyle

By Renard Teipelke My view goes down from the sky to the ground. It is the bird’s eye view on a city. I am standing on one of these “skydecks”, which every larger city has to offer nowadays. But I … Continue reading

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Three Short Movies about Traveling the World and Their Messages

By Renard Teipelke Traveling the world as an adventure (or a luxury) undertaken by young adults has become a well-known part of life of today’s younger generations. Multiple blogs are filled with online diaries, pictures, videos, links, and other pieces … Continue reading

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