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Nemona: Integration through fashion in Neukölln, Berlin

by Claudia Rojas This article is the second of a series that analyzes Nemona – Network for fashion designers and seamstresses -, in which we present stories of integration in Neukölln around fashion production. As we have written before, the … Continue reading

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“otto kalypse now” – a city marketing campaign becomes an (un)wanted self-runner

By Hanna Lutz Wandering around my part-time hometown Magdeburg (the capital of Saxony Anhalt, Germany) these days one encounter its advertising spaces being paved over with giant posters that reveal that a guy named otto is a researcher, makes history, … Continue reading

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Nemona: an urban analysis

by Claudia Rojas Are we helping to create a better neighbourhood or are we dispensable in its development? This is a question that we ask ourselves when analysing city development projects like Nemona. Nemona is a project that fosters a … Continue reading

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Rejuvenating the social housing brand | Housing network | Guardian Professional

A lack of tenant participation in social housing must be addressed if image and reality are to come together. “For those of us who care that social housing retains a non-commercial aim, we must actively contribute to developing the sector’s … Continue reading

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More Innovations from Informal Settlements!

Lately it has become kind of a trend to talk or write about informal settlements – mainly about those in the southern hemisphere. Often these discussions are linked to the term Slum Upgrading. But what does this dubious term actually … Continue reading

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Website is online: Place Management and Branding Conference in Manchester 2013

Link to site: Place Management and Branding Conference. Place branding, place management, place marketing, strategic spatial development, public-private place partnerships, all synonyms describing one thing – the application of business principles to place.  The language and conventions of business have spread … Continue reading

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Culture as a city development tool: Barranquilla, Colombia, American Capital of Culture 2013

by Claudia Rojas Last week while surfing the web, I found out that Barranquilla, Colombia, was selected “American’s Capital of Culture 2013”. For those who keep track of the cultural move in the Caribbean, I guess the award was not … Continue reading

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Marketing High-tech Regions, Part 2: Resident Identification in Nuremberg

By Hanna Lutz It is not only companies that have become more and more aware of the importance of binding employees to them in the long term instead of only focusing on new staff and customers (Internal Employer Branding). Also … Continue reading

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Place Branding Literature: Work in progress

I have often been asked (mostly by students) what I would recommend them to read in terms of Place Branding & Marketing. I have put together a short list of recent articles (I have not included mine), that I find … Continue reading

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Not again with Berlin…

By Renard Teipelke The expert seemed quite outraged hearing my question about Frankfurt am Main’s reputation as an economically strong capital of finance that lacks the alternative style and subcultural creativity of Berlin. I moved from Germany’s capital city to … Continue reading

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