This page (still a draft) includes a list of conferences related to the topics of this blog. Please inform us about any changes or about other conferences around the world and we will be happy to add them to the list:


Coming up next

Cities for All // Hyderabad, 6th -10 th October, 2014 //XI Metropolis World Congress //

Geography in an era of crisis // Thessaloniki, Greece, 22nd – 24th October, 2014 //The 10th International Congress of the Hellenic Geographical Society //

List of Regular Conferences

AAG Annual Meeting // Association of American Geographers //

European Urban & Regional Studies Confrence // Durham University //

Future Cities // European Union //

Metropolis World Congress // Metropolis //

Nordic Geographers Meeting //

Resilient Cities // ICLEI //

RGS Annual International Conference // Royal Geographical Society //

Urban Age Conference // London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) & Deutsche Bank’s Alfred Herrhausen Society //

WIT Conferences (e.g. Sustainable City, Urban Water, Urban Transport) // Wessex Institute of Technology //

World Cities Summit // Centre for Liveable Cities & Urban Redevelopment Authority Singapore //

World Urban Forum // UN-Habitat //


latest update 18th September 2014

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