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Nemona: Cooperation within and around Nemona

By Claudia Rojas After presenting an urban analysis of Nemona and narrating some histories of social integration in Neukölln, Berlin, in this article we will summarize the most important activities and accomplishments of Nemona´s fashion designers. Their participation (as well as … Continue reading

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Coffee, Hamburgers and Downtown Areas in a Globalizing World

By Renard Teipelke In the past years, we could witness the increasingly strong presence of international corporations in downtown areas. Ranging from telecommunication and fashion to fast food and electronics, major brands have successfully invaded the centers of our cities. … Continue reading

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Aarhus’ Mediascape library: new concepts for an old institution

by Hans Pul Libraries have been considered as central places of public life. They are filled with people of all ages and with all sorts of backgrounds. And with books, of course. In the last decade or so, public libraries … Continue reading

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3rd International Place Branding Conference – Guide for Authors

Contributions  are welcome that explore the various perspectives of place branding, management or any other type of ‘orchestrated action’ that investigate or apply business principles in or to places. Potential themes include: Critical perspectives on place management and branding Place … Continue reading

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Urban Hacking as a Quality Management Tool to guarantee high-value Public Space (1): The end of Public Space?!

by Hanna Lutz The “end of public space” is proclaimed often. Urban researchers complain about increasing and omnipresent surveillance methods in as well as extensive privatization of public areas. The discussion about the decline in public space also focuses on … Continue reading

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New Paper in European Urban and Regional Studies (EURS), July ’12 issue

by Ares Kalandides In this new paper that appears in the July issue of the European Urban and Regional Studies, Prof. Dina Vaiou and myself examine how  the neighbourhood becomes the resource through which people can claim the right to … Continue reading

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Guest article: Shifting Notes – expanding the music industry to the outskirts of Berlin

By Keren Karp, Maria Paula Gutierrez, David Karolinski and Claudia Rojas Marzahn and other “invisible” districts of Berlin may very well be the next upcoming playground of the independent music scene in the city. An offbeat course on the creative industries … Continue reading

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My article for EXBERLINER Mag: Of crooks and thieves – or why Greece-bashing is no longer funny*

by Ares Kalandides The Athens-raised bi-national Berliner weighs in on the cultural animosity surrounding the euro debate. Sometimes it’s hard to be a German, yet it seems that becoming one is even harder. I was doing well for a while. … Continue reading

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“Help! Whatever happened to Holland-Germany animosity?”

by Hans Pul Place reputations sometimes alter abruptly, but mostly it is a long process in time. Sometimes, place reputation changes take generations. The following article by Joris Luyendijk, a Dutch journalist at The Guardian, deals with this theme from … Continue reading

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The Shard, London’s Newest Outcast

  by Mark Byrnes on Europe’s tallest building reblogged from  “the Atlantic Cities – Place Matters” The Shard, London’s Newest Outcast.

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