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INPOLIS / Nemona Placement presents the Fashion Sourcebook for Berlin

A fashion network for professionals and production http://www.fashion-sourcebook.net “There is a lack of infrastructure in Berlin fashion business” this is probably one of the most frequently mentioned statements when it comes to the development of Berlin as a fashion location. … Continue reading

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Opening NEMONA Concept Store

By Markus Kather These days Karl-Marx-Straße, Neukölln’s beloved/notorious strip of gambling places and discount stores, has one more highlight. Local designers organized in the NEMONA fashion network are presenting their work at a temporary store.

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Urban Explorations: Nacht & Nebel in Neukölln

by Markus Kather This weekend Neukölln, one of Berlin’s most interesting districts for art and design, is showing off: Nacht und Nebel is a festival for local art and culture. In more than 100 locations Neukölln’s artists will present their … Continue reading

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Nemona: Cooperation within and around Nemona

By Claudia Rojas After presenting an urban analysis of Nemona and narrating some histories of social integration in Neukölln, Berlin, in this article we will summarize the most important activities and accomplishments of Nemona´s fashion designers. Their participation (as well as … Continue reading

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Nemona: Integration through fashion in Neukölln, Berlin

by Claudia Rojas This article is the second of a series that analyzes Nemona – Network for fashion designers and seamstresses -, in which we present stories of integration in Neukölln around fashion production. As we have written before, the … Continue reading

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Nemona: an urban analysis

by Claudia Rojas Are we helping to create a better neighbourhood or are we dispensable in its development? This is a question that we ask ourselves when analysing city development projects like Nemona. Nemona is a project that fosters a … Continue reading

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Urban Development and Creative Economy in Berlin, Part 3

The first part of this article (Monday 5th March) was an introduction to the evolution of the planning discourse since German reunification (1990); part two (Wednesday 7th March) introduced the issue of Creative Industries (in the Berlin context) in quantitative and qualitative … Continue reading

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“My neighbo’hood has what it takes.” – 2 Ideas for a Marginalised City Quarter

by Valentin Schipfer For six years now I’ve been living in Vienna’s 15th district and its image has not yet changed. People still react the same condescending way when they find out about my residence. Once I was even told that everything would be alright at the … Continue reading

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The Killer Argument: “You’re a bloody Gentrifier!”

by Ares Kalandides “How do you feel as a gentrifier?” I was recently asked by a journalist. I initially thought she was referring to the fact that I live in one of the most gentrified areas in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. … Continue reading

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NEMONA – An Interview

By Caspar Lundsgaard-Hansen & Renard Teipelke In our last article, we introduced NEMONA – a prime example of local network initiatives in sustainable urban development with a thematic focus on the fashion production in Berlin. In order to gain further … Continue reading

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