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Genuine Street Art by the Invisible Hands of the Cities

by Valentin Schipfer The old parts of European cities are beautiful examples for what develops when coincidence acts as the main city-planner. While in most of these cities master-planning has replaced this uncoordinated interaction, coincidence is still active in cities … Continue reading

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Urban Hacking (3): Hacking Advertising Space

By Hanna Lutz “Ιmages and characters hang, stick and flap whereever we look. Advertising on advertising pillars and billboards, on bus stops and in buses, ads in elevators, on taxi roofs, on sidewalks, advertising on the highest high-rise buildings […] Advertising … Continue reading

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Urban Hacking as a Quality Management Tool to guarantee high-value Public Space (1): The end of Public Space?!

by Hanna Lutz The “end of public space” is proclaimed often. Urban researchers complain about increasing and omnipresent surveillance methods in as well as extensive privatization of public areas. The discussion about the decline in public space also focuses on … Continue reading

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