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My article for EXBERLINER Mag: Of crooks and thieves – or why Greece-bashing is no longer funny*

by Ares Kalandides The Athens-raised bi-national Berliner weighs in on the cultural animosity surrounding the euro debate. Sometimes it’s hard to be a German, yet it seems that becoming one is even harder. I was doing well for a while. … Continue reading

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Not again with Berlin…

By Renard Teipelke The expert seemed quite outraged hearing my question about Frankfurt am Main’s reputation as an economically strong capital of finance that lacks the alternative style and subcultural creativity of Berlin. I moved from Germany’s capital city to … Continue reading

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When place reputation becomes self-fulfilling prophecy

by Ares Kalandides We all know that in most cities there are neighbourhoods that are considered “better” and some whose reputation is so bad, that people tend to avoid them. We also know that this reputation has evolved over time … Continue reading

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Me, myself and I: Germans vs. Greeks or the tale of the cicada and the ant

by Ares Kalandides It sometimes happens in the middle of the night. I am woken up by a horrible racket and find myself fighting – with myself. “You are a lazy bastard” my German self is shouting to my Greek … Continue reading

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