The Shard, London’s Newest Outcast


by Mark Byrnes on Europe’s tallest building

reblogged from  “the Atlantic Cities – Place Matters”

The Shard, London’s Newest Outcast.

About Ares

Ares Kalandides holds a PhD in Urban and Regional Studies from the National Technical University of Athens. He is the founder and CEO of Inpolis, an international consultancy based in Berlin, Germany and has implement several projects around the world. Ares teaches Urban Economics at the Technical University in Berlin and Metropolitan Studies at NYU Berlin.
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One Response to The Shard, London’s Newest Outcast

  1. Ares, An interesting article. Personally I am not a fan of the Shard I believe it is out of scale, sitting in isolation from the other areas of tall buildings (Canary Wharf and Bishopsgate/ the Square Mile), and it intrudes on and spoils other classic city vistas – I think Londoners will come to view it as a mistake in years to come!

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