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Snippets from the RGS 2016 Conference on Nexus Thinking

By Renard Teipelke Each year the Royal Geographical Society/Institute of British Geographers holds its Annual International Conference. For this year, they chose “Nexus Thinking” as the conference theme. And as always, there was no lack of critical inputs and new … Continue reading

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Have You Ever Heard of Lucius Burckhardt?

By Renard Teipelke Usually the length of a person’s English Wikipedia article indicates how far their global reach has been. In the case of the Swiss urban planning critic Lucius Burckhardt (1925-2003) I have to assume that his reach beyond … Continue reading

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by Ares Kalandides Sidewalk cafés are generally a delight. They liven up public space, they become meeting places and places of exchange – indeed, they seem the quintessence of urbanity.  Nevertheless, the anarchic invasion of public spaces by tables and … Continue reading

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Fake Hipster Neighborhoods

By Renard Teipelke At some point the change happened. Often it is very hard to recall when it had all started. The derelict neighborhood has become hip. It does not need to be about gentrification all the time. Let’s focus … Continue reading

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New York City’s Bloomberg Years

By Renard Teipelke It actually blew my mind. Ford Fessenden and his colleagues summarized the main urban development changes during the ten-year tenure of New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg in a couple of animated info graphics. But the result … Continue reading

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Guest article – The Philippino way, Part 2: Public Spaces

This is the second part of the guest article by Daniel Wagner. You can find the first part here.  by Daniel Wagner* The relationship between the Philippino and the street is a very intimate one. Actually there is no clear … Continue reading

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Spaces of Democracy: An evening with Doreen Massey at the Humboldt University

by Ares Kalandides Reading Doreen Massey’s numerous essays that now span a 40-year career, one phrase sticks out regularly: “Geography matters!” It is sometimes put as simply and poignantly as that; sometimes in an more implicit, but still very straightforward … Continue reading

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Gardens in the City (I): Community Gardening

by Markus Kather Despite (or because of) the grey Berlin winter, I was thinking about green spaces lately. Urban gardening and urban gardens became one of the top issues in urbanism: as a (planner’s) strategy to deal with transformations in … Continue reading

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Under African Skies, Day 3: Art and Public Space

by Ares Kalandides Talking about public art in a city of such social tensions as Johannesburg is not straightforward. On the contrary I find that, permanent art, mostly in the form of sculptures often seems out of place, in the … Continue reading

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Urban Hacking (4): Hacking structuring space

by Hanna Lutz I stop at red traffic lights. I walk on the sidewalk instead in the middle of the traffic. At night I choose the illuminated path instead of the dark one. I (usually) don’t enter “No trespassing” areas. And … Continue reading

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