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Gentrification, Displacement and the New Housing Bubble in Berlin

By Ares Kalandides* You probably feel tricked: Before moving to Berlin your friends told you that finding a place to stay would be a piece of cake. But it turns out to be a rather unpalatable one. You’re still looking … Continue reading

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Drastic shifts in local retail districts – is tourism the driver?

By Markus Kather and Paul Köper  Are you looking for a small boutique or an antique shop in the north of Berlin’s Schöneberg district? Whereas a few years ago you would stumble into one of them at almost any corner, … Continue reading

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Pick of the day: The ‘reconfiguration’ of London is akin to social cleansing | Anna Minton | Comment is free | The Guardian

“For cynical residents this approach is a continuation of the previous government’s discredited Pathfinder programme, which aimed to increase land and property prices by demolishing existing homes in well-located areas in northern towns to build new properties that could be … Continue reading

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Pick of the day: Real Estate Locusts – Developers Cash in on Europe’s Poorest | SpiegelOnline

A shocking report by Der Spiegel on the coercive practices of large developers in the Berlin exploding rental market: “International financial investors have spent billions to gobble up cheap real estate in Berlin. But a look at Scharnweberstrasse 111 shows … Continue reading

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Pick of the day: CDC – Healthy Places – Health Effects of Gentrification

“Where people live, work, and play has an impact on their health. Several factors create disparities in a community’s health. Examples include socioeconomic status, land use/the built environment, race/ethnicity, and environmental injustice. In addition, displacement has many health implications that … Continue reading

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Pick of the day: The Real Story Behind the Gentrification of Brooklyn

“The process of gentrifying Brooklyn is not necessarily making Brooklyn a better place to live,” says MIT professor Craig Wilder at one point during the movie. Later he adds, “The process of gentrification in New York is not about people moving … Continue reading

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Gentrification in Berlin: When “class” becomes a dirty word

by Ares Kalandides A funny story – and photo – hit the news some days ago: Käthe Kollwitz’s statue in Berlin covered with “Spätzle” – a particular type of noodles, a local speciality from the Swabia area in Germany. There … Continue reading

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Pick of the day: Thierse ‘drags Berlin debate to a new low’ – The Local

With his intolerant comments about Swabian newcomers, long-time Berlin resident and former Bundestag President Wolfgang Thierse has taken the debate about gentrification in the German capital to a new low, argues Christian Bangel of ZEIT ONLINE. read the whole story here: … Continue reading

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The Gentrification Conversation: Losing Sight of Nuance in Berlin’s Neukölln District

by Darius Rafieyan* “Suddenly, they were all here. All these students, artists, layabouts. The complete mob called creative class[…] and suddenly all was changing. The rents were no longer cheap, the drug dealers left the Reuterplatz, whorehouses closed, instead we … Continue reading

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Kultur(brauerei) for sale*

by Ares Kalandides The news that the Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg is to be sold off to private investors didn’t really move crowds. As if the old brewery was so mainstream already that this final blow was of little importance. … Continue reading

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