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Private Cities: When Ikea and Co. Develop Your City

by Valentin Schipfer Concrete gold is back. Since the financial crisis in 2008 real-estate has become one of the most popular types of investment. No matter whether you are an international developer or a speculator, most cities welcome you with … Continue reading

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Urban Explorations: Covered Passages in Paris

by Markus Kather Visiting Paris last month, strolling off the beaten track, I found myself in a labyrinth of covered passages. Most of them are situated in the areas bordering the Grands Boulevards. The passages are super diverse in architecture … Continue reading

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Philharmonie de Paris: a grand design turned £300m ‘bottomless pit’ | World news | guardian.co.uk

The part of the story behind iconic buildings that they never tell you: diverting funds from other urban projects of higher priority: “The extravagant metal-encased building, likened to a stack of giant paving stones reflecting the city, is the latest … Continue reading

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What Happens If You Stop Marketing Established Brands?

By Renard Teipelke In football stadiums, in TV commercials, in subways stations, on trucks, along streets – you can encounter Coca Cola advertisements everywhere. Coca Cola is an omnipresent brand worldwide – supposedly to be the most widely known expression … Continue reading

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Impacts of City Tourism: An international comparison of management strategies – Part I

(c) Paul Zinken by Nils Grube The last few months a huge discussion was spreading across Berlin about negative effects of international tourism on the city. “Foreign visitors are being blamed for increasing rents, noisy streets and neighbourhood upheaval“, the … Continue reading

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