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From the “Bridge of Spies” to the Smart City: a Berlin narrative

by Ares Kalandides [1] Reading the multiple stories that have been praising Berlin with its youth culture and creative scene as the rising star among European cities, it is easy to forget how recent this development actually is. The 2015 Spielberg … Continue reading

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by Ares Kalandides “Norman Foster’s architecture firm will deliver the second phase of the Dubai Design District, also known as D3, which is a new creative quarter being built from scratch in the United Arab Emirates city.” How many clichés … Continue reading

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Fake country-of-origin products and the limits to place branding

by Ares Kalandides Yesterday, a small, inconspicuous object caught my attention. It was a cup of yoghurt in the supermarket fridge. Blue and white, decorated with meanders, carrying the brand name “Elinas” (i.e. Greek as in ‘the person from Greece’) it … Continue reading

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La visión de Bogotá internacional

Short video clip by Invest in Bogotá with information on its international positioning strategy. INPOLIS was responsible for designing the latter.

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Nation Branding: Has Austria become a case for the psychoanalyst?

by Valentin Schipfer What does a nation stand for? A question almost as hard to answer as the most fundamental question about the meaning of life. On behalf of Austria’s Federal Ministry of Economy the policy consultant Simon Anholt from Great … Continue reading

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Interview on Place Branding

by Ares Kalandides I recently received a list of interview questions on Place Branding by a master student. I found them very interesting and decided to share the interview with you: 1.    Place Branding applies modern marketing methods that position … Continue reading

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Pick of the day: Michael Hayman, “The Place Race”

Though I profoundly disagree with the article, it is still interesting to see how superficial the discussion on place branding is: “In a world where perception and reputation are king, the successful cities of the future will have more to … Continue reading

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Guest article: Guimarães after the European Culture Capital

by Eduardo Oliveira The curtain has now closed on Guimarães 2012: European Capital of Culture, but what is the effect of the legacy left behind? Has the event strengthened the region position? What contributions have been made towards a potential … Continue reading

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The Brand and the Real Thing: Kenya – Shining for Some

by Renard Teipelke An amazing landscape, wild animals, beautiful sunsets, white beaches, traditional tribe villages, mountains and valleys…one could easily continue the list of things for which Kenya is famous for. This country in East Africa is one of the … Continue reading

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