Berlin’s image has allegedly improved: does this relate to the beberlin campaign?

by Nils Grube

Berlins Image has improved. Or so it is said.

This is the result of an international survey undertaken for the be Berlin campaign during November and December 2010. Over 1,500 executives and managers mostly in the economic, but also in the science and cultural sectors, have participated via an Internet questionnaire. The survey was carried out in 21 cities from 12 different countries. The main goal of the survey was to exermine the attractiveness of Berlin as a business location and see how Berlin is perceived in the world.

The main part of the respondents has a positive view of the city. Compared to a similar survey of 2007 – the starting year of the be Berlin campaign –  the image  is less diffuse. Besides the fact that the first associations are still the fall of the Berlin Wall, the reunification and the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin is now seen as an attractive place to live and work with a distinctive richness of science, art and culture. It is also connected with innovative companies, research and creative products. The strength of Berlin lies in its good transport infrastructure followed by a high quality of life, the large range of recreation areas and green spaces and the proximity to research and science.

Finally, 55% of the managers could imagine to live and work in Berlin – in 2007  only 32% could. It is debatable whether this development should be assessed only as a success of the image campaign. Regarding to the fact that this value for Paris (from 38% to 72%) and for New York (from 22% to 49%) had also increased, it seems that there are other more suitable reasons for this development. The increase in the popularity of these cities is rather a substantiation for the theory of the global cities.

more information at be berlin (only german language)

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