Art axis: Berlin – Los Angeles

By Caspar Lundsgaard-Hansen

In her article for Wallpaper* magazine Marisa Mazria-Katz determines the new power axis in art: Los Angeles – Berlin. Being a core component of the creative industries, art acts as an important part in the development and branding of many cities competing for talents, tourists and tax revenues. City officials in both the German capital and California’s megacity thus presumably love to hear what famous German artist Thomas Demand postulates in the article: namely that there are cities for falling in love with art (e. g. Paris and Rome) and cities for making art, which nowadays are Berlin and L. A.

Marisa Mazria-Katz reports that one of the main reasons for the rise of this axis is the abundance of inexpensive studios. Based on this condition the two cities provide an environement where artists can have a discourse and exchange themselves with peers, which is crucial, for it is not only important to produce art but also to generate dialogue around it. Something that most place branding practitioners could probably agree on.

Read the whole article (including the names of essential galleries) here!

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