Announcement: GSC Summer School on the ‘City as Image’

Between August 15th and 26th, the Berlin-based Georg Simmel Centre for Metropolitan Studies of the Humboldt University  is organizing a summer school on the following title: “City as Image? Berlin Between Representation, Performance and Placemaking.” The course, which will be held in English, aims to examine how the ties between city and image can be understood.

Berlin is often defined as being creative, young and diverse – be it because of subcultures, creative industries or diverse minorities. At the same time Berlin is reshaping and reconstructing particular historical spaces. Furthermore Berlin is also forcing the development of new spaces, especially the regeneration of two inner-city airfields. Thereby manifold agents and institutions with different views and intentions come together to claim, contest, discuss and negotiate about the city’s present and future. All of them use and create images. Sometimes these images seem to be even more powerful than the city itself. Thus the question arises: Are cities what they claim to be in their images?

The studying will include aspects of theory and practise, as well as the mental and material dimensions of this question. From different academic perspectives the course will introduce theoretical positions of the debate. Furthermore it will experience realities in the context of urban planning and architecture, cultural institutions as museums, city related tourism and business and the representation of minorities within the urban fabric.

The syllabus for example contains lectures on maps and realities of Berlin as well as the question of whether branding or sensing a specific place. It also includes different seminars and excursions to such areas as the disctrict of Neukölln.

The cost for the course (with a maximum of 20 participants) is 500 Euros, including 24 hours per week of teaching as well as a culture- and leisure activities. Registration should be handled as soon as possible. For further information and registration please follow this link.

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