First Workcamp: COBRA – Collaborative Labour Opportunities in Brandenburg


by Jonas Rehmet

We are happy to announce that the first workcamp of a total of three separate one-week workcamps of the ESF-project “COBRA – Collaborative Labour Opportunities in Brandenburg” will take place on November 12th, 2013 in Guben, Germany. This first workcamp serves as a kick-off event in order to connect the regional actors, foster collaboration and establish the project in the region.

COBRA is the abbreviation for “Collaborative Labour Opportunites in Brandenburg”. The project is part of the program transnational knowledge- and experience-exchange, supported by the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Family State of Brandenburg sponsored with funds of the European Social Fund and the State of Brandenburg. At the core of the project stands the connection of young creative people from Brandenburg with regional companies. Over a time-period of 1,5 years groups will continuously work on concrete challenges of the regional companies.

The collaboration will take place in three separate one-week workshops starting in November 2013. Graduates and young self-employed persons in the field of creative economy, local companies, as well as experts from Germany and abroad come together in order to work together. During the workshops experts share their knowledge on idea creation, collaboration and product development. This particular knowledge exchange supports the participants in developing competences in the domains of self-reliant working, project management, team work and network creation. These practices form core skills on the employment market, especially in the knowledge economy. In between the workshops, participants should further develop the single projects with support of the cooperating companies and the lead partner. The outcomes are meant to be of effective use for participants and cooperating companies by developing creative solutions for production processes, innovations and local employment opportunities. The goal is to bridge the gap between producing and creative industry with the outcome of possible future employment.

This project is carried out by Inpolis UCE GmbH in cooperation with Multiplicities, Dr. Bastian Lange. Regional cooperation partners are the City of Guben,, Gründerwerkstatt Zukunft Lausitz and BTU Cottbus as well as ZAB. International partners are the city of Gubin (Poland), the region of Crete (Greece) and the Institute of Place Management (Manchester, UK).

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