GayBerlin: Are you ready for this!?

This is how the official marketing agency of Berlin – visit berlin –  advertises  “The first GayComfort™ certified city in the world.”

by Nils Grube

Are you ready for this!?

Well… NO!

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9 Responses to GayBerlin: Are you ready for this!?

  1. Ares says:

    Ι can’t believe how bad this is! Bad photos, bad music, bad taste… horrid!

  2. Nils says:

    I disagree completely with your comments – this is different and connects with this market in a direct way.

    I like this a lot. Good on Berlin for taking a different approach. Much better than most destination marketing I have seen out there.

  3. Ares says:

    So, what do you like about it? The quality of photography? The music? The rendering of homosexuality into something exotic to put in a zoo and visit?

  4. Nils says:

    I actually do like the music – a lot. Music is always a subjective creative element, and you not liking it hardly renders a creative execution a poor one. In fact the music and its theme ‘ready for this’ fits well with a strong brand positioning for a destination such as Berlin IMHO.

    The photography used I think is not entirely bad but was perhaps weak in parts.

    I do not see the rendering of anything into a “zoo” as you contend – I see diverse people enjoying much of what makes Berlin a great city.

    I disagree with your assessments – but I respect that you do not like this piece. I on the other hand happen to like it a lot and feel it offers strong relevant connections and destination product positioning. Context is everything – and you seem intent on imposing your personal dislike of it onto me. Sorry but I simply do not agree with you and think this is a quite effective positioning of Berlin as a gay-targeted tourism destination.

    At the end of the day the consumer is the true arbiter – I saw on the original YouTube link that there are 5 likes, 1 dislike and around 500 views in a few weeks. That suggests the target audience also disagrees with your criticisms -and in marketing any destination I will always take the views of the intended target audience over yours or mine any day.

    • Ares says:

      5 likes and 500 views disagrees? LOL

      • Nils says:

        Gay market = approx 5% or 6% of total population so total view numbers should be considered in context. Video averages 100 views each week – and 83% of those who rate it do so favourably. It seems like the intended target market votes favourably for this particular marketing approach by this destination.

  5. splacing says:

    Okay, Nils. I do agree with your arguments relating the target audience. My criticism is not about the music and neither how the video works on the target group.. If it does, well done!
    My critic is more about the presentation and connection of images. I think this kind of work is quite old fashion. Like my parents showing their slideshow of holiday pictures… What does it try to say about the city! What makes Berlin interesting? Monuments and gay parades?

    I think Berlin is more. And there are better ways of presenting that. More content! More inventive! More striking!

  6. Nils says:

    Hi Splacing – those video links you added are both quite good too – I especially liked the gay clubbing DJ one.

    The reason I liked all three is that they each seem to have different audiences in mind: the two conversational video ones (Lufthansa and Berlin Tourism/VisitBerlin) were 3 minute plus and so pitch an audience looking for more information. Maybe a slightly older crowd.

    The ‘ready for this’ one seems much more like a viral – half the length and mood-based rather than content rich. Quick link and run. Good for facebooking and other social media links.

    I thought that the style of image-linking used in that video fits really well with the soundtrack – which gels with the current 1990s refurb zeitgeist that’s big in the 20-30-something demo markets in the UK and US. Not sure if that was the intent but the style matched the music in a way I personally really like.

  7. Ingrid says:

    I find this really interesting. As a 32 year old lesbian I actually like the first video best, it’s fun, it’s a quirky viral the music works for me and most importantly IT INCLUDES LESBIANS! The first video is a completely different style to the others, comparing them is odd as they are completely different in style and content.

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