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Renovating Kensington

By Renard Teipelke This August I visited London for the second time. I have been to the city the first time in 2011. During both visits I was staying in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (at a friend’s … Continue reading

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Pick of the day: Balancing act: the government’s regional growth plan doesn’t go far enough | New Economics Foundation

We have often written about issues of regional development. Here is a short entry that presents some interesting facts about it at a European level: “Most places in Europe have a bit of a spread. Some countries are richer than … Continue reading

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Mythbusters: “The City is vital to Britain” | new economics foundation

“After crunching the numbers, it becomes clear that the taxes paid by the financial sector in the boom years should just about cover the cost of the bailout, but definitely not the costs of the wider recession, increased government debt, … Continue reading

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Pick of the Day: Romanian Campaign Hits Back At Negative British Ads

Nation Branding can take some absurdly funny turns. “Mihai Gongu, a creative director at the Romanian advertising agency GMP, is the mastermind behind the Gandul campaign. Called “Why Don’t You Come Over?” the campaign features slogans such as “We speak … Continue reading

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Exonyms: enemy of uniform place brands abroad?

by Hans Pul For building and maintaining brands, uniformity in communication is crucial and confusion needs to be avoided. However, many places have different names in different languages. München is Munich in English, London is Londra in Italian, while Mailand … Continue reading

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How’s life? Mapping Happiness

by Hans Pul Where is the happiest place in New York? The above diagram maps “happiness” in the city based on the content of geotagged tweets. The diagram is structured according Manhattan’s grid, where red blocks represent “happy tweets”, while … Continue reading

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Consumer Brand Loyalty for Destinations

by Kenneth Wardrop Recent Harvard Business Review research in to consumer loyalty to brands identified two key research findings: firstly that delighting customers does not build loyalty, however reducing the consumers effort, the work they must do to get their … Continue reading

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