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Pick of the day: Balancing act: the government’s regional growth plan doesn’t go far enough | New Economics Foundation

We have often written about issues of regional development. Here is a short entry that presents some interesting facts about it at a European level: “Most places in Europe have a bit of a spread. Some countries are richer than … Continue reading

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COBRA: Looking for Opportunities in Weak Rural Areas

by Ares Kalandides Last year our team completed a Regional Development Plan for a part of Niederlausitz in Brandenburg, an area physically marked by open lignite mines and poor lands, by structurally low economic performance, high unemployment and an aging … Continue reading

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Mythbusters: “The City is vital to Britain” | new economics foundation

“After crunching the numbers, it becomes clear that the taxes paid by the financial sector in the boom years should just about cover the cost of the bailout, but definitely not the costs of the wider recession, increased government debt, … Continue reading

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Pick of the day: Breaking free of London-focused growth | new economics foundation

“Most EU countries have a gap between their richest and their poorest regions. But the distance between the UK’s richest and poorest regions is, on this measure, hugely and shockingly larger than any other. At one end – the richest … Continue reading

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The Berlin Update: 26 January 2012

by Ares Kalandides Starting this week, you will regularly find here a commented selection of news about (or from Germany) that have a geographical (or geopolitical) focus. I don’t need to stress that it is my own very biassed choice: … Continue reading

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Whose economic growth? Growing regional inequality in booming Germany.

by Ares Kalandides The latest news is that German economy has reached pre-crisis growth levels for the first time and that what we are  experiencing is close to a new Wirtschaftswunder. Indeed that seems to be the case if you … Continue reading

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