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Livable Cities Rankings: Quality of Life Has Its Price

By Renard Teipelke I am sure combined rankings exist. Rankings where cities are evaluated and scored for both their quality of living and their cost of living. But generally, the leading rankings of “livable cities” do not concern themselves much … Continue reading

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Measure It, Compare It, Monitor It

By Renard Teipelke Is there still a topic about ‘the urban’ which is left to be put into a new index!? Probably yes, but the key aspects have already been indexed abundantly. It is very likely the case that we … Continue reading

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Living Identities: Intangible Cultural Heritage

By Renard Teipelke Imagine the following situation: A city needs a new or extended piece of infrastructure and as a result it has to deal with the World Heritage status of a corresponding place/building/structure. Often big fights come with the … Continue reading

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Global Second Row-Status as a City’s Advantage?!

by Renard Teipelke In my last article, I wrote about Frankfurt’s high ranking amongst German cities with regard to locational qualities, and I discussed the city’s high livability. While reasons for the good ranking of Frankfurt are found quickly, the … Continue reading

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Frankfurt at the top; again.

by Renard Teipelke Before I actually start with the topic, I would like to contend: Once a city is at the top of statistical economic rankings, it is in a quite good position to stay there. Just refer to New … Continue reading

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Pick of the day: A surprising map of the best and worst countries to be born into today

One more useless ranking that homogenizes people (and countries). “To be born as what exactly where“would be the real question. As man/woman, black/white, straight/gay, rich/poor? In Ohio or California? Berlin or Bavaria?  “The study incorporates hard data on facets such … Continue reading

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You Want Another Index? Here We Go with INNOVATION!

By Renard Teipelke There is probably no index missing in the profession (and obsession) of ranking cities. One index that was recently mentioned in the UN-Habitat State of the World Cities Report 2012/2013 is the Innovation Cities Index. 2thinknow, the … Continue reading

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Global City Indicators Facility

By Renard Teipelke “The Global City Indicators Facility provides an established set of city indicators with a globally standardized methodology that allows for global comparability of city performance and knowledge sharing.” This web-based relational database website, Global City Indicators Facility … Continue reading

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