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Pick of the day: Walmart destroys Mexico’s cultural heritage | USi

Part of the ancient Teotihuacán site, pictured above, is now underneath a Walmart. Walmart destroys Mexico’s cultural heritage for profit. An archaeologist gives her view.  “The construction of the Walmart at Teotihuacán has taken a toll on the site. Even though … Continue reading

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Veracruz does it better

by Ares Kalandides The other day I commented (not very nicely, I must admit) on the promotional video of Aguascalientes in Mexico, and then I came across this short video on neighbouring Veracruz. Now, the latter has everything the former … Continue reading

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Aguascalientes, Mexico: The Guessing Game

by Ares Kalandides I must admit I like this short video clip despite the churches and crucifixes, which I generally find quite sinister. But the images are beautiful, it’s got rhythm and melody. My only problem is – I have … Continue reading

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