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Pick of the Day: When Seeing Things in Black and White Is Useful

By Renard Teipelke German radar satellites “TerraSAR-X” and “TanDEM-X” are providing 308 terabytes of data to the German National Aeronautics and Space Research Center (DLR) for their project “Global Urban Footprints”. The results are maps in black and white. While … Continue reading

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Pick of the Day: Open Access to Berlin’s Geodata

By Renard Teipelke In a recent blog article (here), I discussed the role of statistical data before/after disasters. I made one particular reference to the important work of the bureau of statistics (or whatever its name is) in collecting, filing, … Continue reading

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Pick of the Day: Is the World Empty? Or Overcrowded? It’s Both

By Renard Teipelke Recently, I wrote an article on this blog about scale, in which I also discussed the relation between scale and density (here). Natasha Geiling now presents a nice interactive collection of Esri satellite images showcasing both very … Continue reading

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Pick of the day: Maplecroft’s Political Risk Atlas 2013 forecasts global risk hotspots

“Maplecroft’s Political Risk Atlas 2013 (PRA) includes 50 risk indices and interactive maps developed to enable companies and investors to monitor the key political issues and trends affecting the business environments of 197 countries. The Atlas includes dynamic short-term risks, … Continue reading

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How’s life? Mapping Happiness

by Hans Pul Where is the happiest place in New York? The above diagram maps “happiness” in the city based on the content of geotagged tweets. The diagram is structured according Manhattan’s grid, where red blocks represent “happy tweets”, while … Continue reading

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Alternative Mapping – Another Type

By Renard Teipelke In my last article, I wrote about alternative mapping. I referred to somewhat ‘weird’ maps showing France illustrated by various wines or the London underground presented as 100 years of music. My main arguments were that these … Continue reading

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Alternative Mapping

by Renard Teipelke This article is about maps. If you are thinking back to geography classes in school or your last trip with a roadmap, you will be misled. There has always been more to maps, more in maps, and … Continue reading

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Switzerland is the World

by Caspar Lundsgaard-Hansen Last week, Efe Sevin posted an interesting article on this blog about the Nation Brands Index. This seemed to me like a good opportunity to hint at the work of Yanko Tsvetkov. The graphic designer and visual … Continue reading

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