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Under African Skies Day 4, Diepsloot

by Ares Kalandides Papi is an actor, a guide, a choreographer (I’m sure I forgot several other things) – and above all he is the chairman of the Diepsloot Art & Culture Network (A&CN). The shacks of the informal settlement … Continue reading

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Under African Skies, Day 3: Art and Public Space

by Ares Kalandides Talking about public art in a city of such social tensions as Johannesburg is not straightforward. On the contrary I find that, permanent art, mostly in the form of sculptures often seems out of place, in the … Continue reading

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Under African Skies, Day 2: Informal Settlements

by Ares Kalandides It is not only in the “global South” that people tend to move to and gather around large cities. It is rather a phenomenon that can be found in all places where rural and small-town areas offer … Continue reading

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Under African Skies, Day 1: The Taxi Rank

by Ares Kalandides Minibuses (taxis) are the main means of transportation in Johannesburg. Everyday, hundreds of thousands of people use them to move from the townships to the city centre and back. Many of them are domestic workers or employees … Continue reading

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