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Notes from the South (Part 2): Housing under siege

by Ares Kalandides[1] (This is the second part on The (In)formal City project in Johannesburg. For part 1 see here) The South African constitution is very straightforward about the right to housing to all the state’s citizens. Article 26 of … Continue reading

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Notes from the South (Part 1): A Johannesburg diary

by Ares Kalandides Walking down the streets of Johannesburg in a conspicuously large group will of course attract stares. Here we are, a crowd of 22 with different backgrounds and skin colours (Africans, Europeans, Latin Americans) diving into taxi ranks, … Continue reading

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The (In)formal City: Searching for (In)formality

At GIfA, 77 Juta Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg from 18 November 2013 The (In)formal City constitutes an example of an immersive and process-driven project of exchange, premised on international comparison and collaboration between two interdisciplinary teams of participants from Berlin and Johannesburg respectively. The primary focus … Continue reading

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Under African Skies, Day 1: The Taxi Rank

by Ares Kalandides Minibuses (taxis) are the main means of transportation in Johannesburg. Everyday, hundreds of thousands of people use them to move from the townships to the city centre and back. Many of them are domestic workers or employees … Continue reading

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