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Living Identities: Intangible Cultural Heritage

By Renard Teipelke Imagine the following situation: A city needs a new or extended piece of infrastructure and as a result it has to deal with the World Heritage status of a corresponding place/building/structure. Often big fights come with the … Continue reading

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The many faces of Athenian identity*

by Ares Kalandides Eri’s fingers type messages on her mobile at the speed of light. She’s arranging to meet with her friends at the square and just hang out. Eri is 16, born and raised in the dense central Athenian … Continue reading

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A Timid Network of Towns: Cittaslow

by Ares Kalandides I have only been to Trani once. That was about five years ago during a trip around Puglia, which I still consider to be one of the most beautiful Italian provinces. Trani is a small port of … Continue reading

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Place Identity| A Perspective

by Brendan Colgan Identity is a very loose and elusive concept. As Erik Erikson – a  German development psychologist and psychoanalyst, known for his work on social development of humans and for coining the phrase identity crisis – once wrote … Continue reading

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