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Have You Ever Heard of Lucius Burckhardt?

By Renard Teipelke Usually the length of a person’s English Wikipedia article indicates how far their global reach has been. In the case of the Swiss urban planning critic Lucius Burckhardt (1925-2003) I have to assume that his reach beyond … Continue reading

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Colloquium “Housing in Berlin”/ Kolloquium “Wohnen in Berlin”

*please scroll down for the call in German* Call for participations Supply of urban accommodation is becoming a major issue on city council agendas. Also in Berlin, rising rents, new building projects, ecological challenges of urban development and the widespread … Continue reading

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Ugly as the (Not So) Logical Norm?

By Renard Teipelke Take a look at the above picture. What do you see? A high-rise building, residential or mix-used. Is it an architectural icon? Well, it probably passes as “ugly” or at least “generic” in most readers’ view. There … Continue reading

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Gentrification, Displacement and the New Housing Bubble in Berlin

By Ares Kalandides* You probably feel tricked: Before moving to Berlin your friends told you that finding a place to stay would be a piece of cake. But it turns out to be a rather unpalatable one. You’re still looking … Continue reading

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Pick of the Day: The truth about property developers: how they are exploiting planning authorities and ruining our cities | Cities | theguardian.com

A lengthy, but excellent article on planning, real estate development and booms: “Under the coalition’s localism agenda, the wheels for private-sector encroachment into public planning have been further oiled, with the introduction of neighbourhood plans. Presented as a means of … Continue reading

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Review of “Triumph of the City” – Part I: Not Satisfying

By Renard Teipelke Has there been any other book in the past couple of years which has polarized me that much!? Harvard economist, Edward Glaeser, published his New York Times Bestseller “Triumph of the City” in 2011 and I acquired … Continue reading

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Pick of the day: City living and the housing crisis | @guardianletters | Society | The Guardian

We have often written about housing and bubbles in this blog. Here is a collection of short opinions on the UK situation by The Guardian. I find the opening paragraph particularly interesting, though the commentator does not develop it further. … Continue reading

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Disasters, Statistical Data, and Human Lives

By Renard Teipelke More than 6,000 people dead, more than 4 million people displaced, more than 12 million people affected: In the early days of November 2013, the central parts of the Philippines were hit by a tropical cyclone, which … Continue reading

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Notes from the South (Part 2): Housing under siege

by Ares Kalandides[1] (This is the second part on The (In)formal City project in Johannesburg. For part 1 see here) The South African constitution is very straightforward about the right to housing to all the state’s citizens. Article 26 of … Continue reading

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Is affordable housing in Berlin still possible?

by Ares Kalandides Not so long ago Berlin was considered as one of the most affordable cities in Europe, a fact that was directly linked to the low costs of housing.  It now seems that this statement is no longer … Continue reading

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