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By Ares Kalandides In an interview for the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo – the Brazilian architect and urban planner Jaime Lerner, three times mayor of Curitiba and former governor of the State of Parana, Brazil – talked about cities and … Continue reading

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La visión de Bogotá internacional

Short video clip by Invest in Bogotá with information on its international positioning strategy. INPOLIS was responsible for designing the latter.

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Bogotá – the Decades of Transformation*

by Ares Kalandides When, in 2012 UNESCO decided to include Bogotá in the network of creative cities, the surprise was huge: the city of drugs and kidnapping, of violence and of civil war, a “creative city”? Yes, it is hard … Continue reading

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Crowdfunding Urbanism – Breaking New Ground in Civic Participation

by Valentin Schipfer To be honest, I have never parted with Euros for any crowdfunding project until today. I suppose ideas on http://www.kickstarter.com , http://www.indiegogo.com or similar platforms have not yet convinced me enough. Probably I did not enthuse and … Continue reading

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Guest Article: Slum Tourism and City Branding in Medellin

by Jaime Hernandez-Garcia* Since the 1990s the second biggest city of Colombia, Medellin, is undertaking programmes and projects in informal settlements, to try integrate them both physically and socially to the urban fabric. Public space upgrade and community services such … Continue reading

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Implementing a Place Branding strategy: Bogotá UNESCO City of Music

by Ares Kalandides Last month Bogotá was designated “City of Music” by the UNESCO, and it now participates in the growing network of “Creative Cities” that counts 30 cities from all over the word – 5 of which are Cities … Continue reading

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Leaving Utrecht Behind, Thinking About Manchester

By Efe Sevin We had a great conference over a week ago in Utrecht. Once again I would like to thank Ares and his colleagues for creating another opportunity for interested parties to meet. Ever since I returned back to … Continue reading

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BiblioRed: Books and Urban Development in Bogotá, Colombia

by Ares Kalandides The first time I visited the public library Virgilio Barco was in 2008. At the time, I knew little about Bogotá and nothing about Colombian architects. What surprised me was not only the architecture, an open building … Continue reading

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Out now: Journal of Place Management and Development, vol 4 issue 3

The latest issue of the Journal of Place Management and Development is now online and available here Content Chung Yim Yiu: The impact of a pedestrianisation scheme on retail rent: an empirical test in Hong Kong, pp. 231 – 242. Deborah Levy, Christina … Continue reading

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Today: The launch of the new city marketing strategy for Bogotá

The launch of the new city marketing strategy for Bogotá will be presented today at 6:30. The document defines the vision: “Bogota is a creative city which is being transformed for everybody’s progress. It is recognized as an emerging business centre; it is a tourist … Continue reading

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