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Public Space: Putting a Soul into Copenhagen’s Problem Child Superkilen

by Valentin Schipfer Together with ideas from 62 different nations Copenhagen turned a former undefined, urban strip into a vivid, permanent, open-air exhibition. Where riots got out of hand in recent years, youngsters play basketball alongside elderly chess players now. … Continue reading

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3 Urban Innovator Stories from Informal Settlements

by Valentin Schipfer Who can’t stand reading nor hearing nor watching something about the Eurozone crisis no more – except me? I don’t think that I am alone with that. Newspapers, TV, internet blogs and all other types of media … Continue reading

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8 Urban Guerilla Marketing Campaigns Worth Watching

by Valentin Schipfer Did you know that some years ago the megalopolis São Paulo in Brazil had banned commercial advertising in the city? Since stone-age cave-painting we know, there has always been kind of a natural urge of humanity for … Continue reading

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From Augmented to Integrated Urban Realities

by Valentin Schipfer When I blogged about augmented reality apps more than a year ago, I’ve already thought that our society was finally entering futuristic, sci-fi realities. This entry will show you that I was wrong, that my assumption was … Continue reading

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Second Hand Spaces – Recylcling Sites with Temoporary Use

by Valentin Schipfer It all began at Vienna’s Ur3anize! Festival which lasted for a week in October this year. There I attended an evening discussion on temporary use of abandoned or vacant urban spaces. The two guys and discussants from … Continue reading

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From User to Neighbour – How Social Media Enters the Local Level

by Valentin Schipfer One could assume that individualism in urban areas has been underpinned by a sense of communitarism since the last decade. Terms like community gardening, food coops, shared bike workshops, neighbourhood meetups or backyard sales are gaining weight. … Continue reading

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More Innovations from Informal Settlements!

Lately it has become kind of a trend to talk or write about informal settlements – mainly about those in the southern hemisphere. Often these discussions are linked to the term Slum Upgrading. But what does this dubious term actually … Continue reading

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Fresh from Motown – A Shrinking City as an Incubator for Social and Creative Start-ups

by Valentin Schipfer I have always been fascinated by shrinking cities like Detroit. Maybe because of their mysteriousness, their myths and the thousands of pictures of ruins in the internet. But last week’s book presentation by Katja Kullmann (author of … Continue reading

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Mission (im)possible: Place Branding a City Built from Scratch

by Valentin Schipfer Building a city from scratch is not an easy task, but branding a city which still has to be built from scratch is even harder. Will the invented brand really accord to reality? Is it possible to … Continue reading

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Pick of the day: The Vertical Garden City: Towards a New Urban Topology

The Vertical Garden City: Towards a New Urban Topology | Chris Abel | Comment is free |

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