INPOLIS / Nemona Placement presents the Fashion Sourcebook for Berlin

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-04 um 13.44.16A fashion network for professionals and production

“There is a lack of infrastructure in Berlin fashion business” this is probably one of the most frequently mentioned statements when it comes to the development of Berlin as a fashion location. Especially in the field of fashion production and services are deficits in networking.

Specialized fashion seamstress, competent pattern cutter or clothing technicians and professional production centers are rare in Berlin and throughout Germany. Among the existing fashion production centers exists a lack of cross-linking. Therefore it is often difficult for fashion designers and other clients to find suitable suppliers for collection development and production.

The EU-funded INPOLIS project Nemona Placement has now created an online platform to close this gap: The Fashion Sourcebook. The online portal supports the development of technical and social infrastructure in fashion industry to support the local production.

Besides the research for fashion producers, service provider and orders the platform offers mainly networking options. The user can introduce themselves with a business profile, establish new business relationships, contact interesting companies and get news from the network.

NEMONA PLACEMENT aims to secure sustainable employment in the local fashion industry. The EU founded project will end in March 2015. It will be operated by Common Works under the name: FASHION SOURCEBOOK starting in April 2015.

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