Stop the destruction of the Mediterranean shoreline

Beach-Lefkada-Greece-Wallpaperby Ares Kalandides

The Greek government has prepared a disastrous bill which will presented before the Greek Parliament within the next few weeks. Here are the main points summed up by Aliki Chapple ( :

1. All restrictions on the space that can be used for such temporary infrastructure as umbrellas, sun-loungers and refreshment stands on the seafront has been removed. Previously, the law mandated 100 metre breaks of open beach between developed areas.

2. All reference to the right of access to the seashore are removed, as are restrictions on exclusive access. Effectively, the shoreline is no longer held in common but can be parcelled up into private fiefdoms. The only reference to public access now states that the terms of use must ensure that there is public access while taking the benefit or damage of stakeholders into account (loose translation)

3. The building of permanent structures for private profit is streamlined and obstacles removed. The legislation now says only that any such seaside development must be shown to be absolutely necessary to achieve the economic goals of the venture in question. Effectively, this allows hotels to extend their development all the way down to the sea itself.

4.Landfills are now allowed to further extend the shoreline for development.

5.  It opens up the possibility that structures built illegally in the past because they circumvented previous restrictions on shoreline development might  be declared legal after the fact, provided they are for commercial rather than residential use.




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8 Responses to Stop the destruction of the Mediterranean shoreline

  1. Roger Bundschuh says:

    while in general agreement with your concerns, I hope the irony of the picture you have chosen to illustrate your point does not escape you… the man-made bridge at the waters edge actually looks quite idyllic to me, would this not be a better pic for a defender of the new laws…?

  2. That Crazed Alien penguin says:

    Reblogged this on Alien Penguin's Angry Feet.

  3. Florian says:

    This sounds like a very ill-advised move and one that future policy makers and implementers are likely to regret dearly. It’s so hard to come across positive stories from Greece these days – isn’t there anything I could feature as exemplary sustainable destination, for example, over at

  4. Ares says:

    I agree with you, Florian, it’s terrible. Oh yes, there are some wonderful initiatives on agro-tourism. I will let you know as soon as I have gathered some information.

  5. I agree 100%! I have done a similar fight against such stupid construction plans on the Methana peninsula, but the technocrats did their destructive work. The result is not more jobs, not a better future and NO success in tourism. The leaders of the GNTO seem to dream about mass tourism. Greece doesn´t need the Spanish model of coast destruction, golf squares and luxury hotels. Greece needs a responsible advertising of all Greek areas for a sustainable tourism 12 months of the year. But unfortunately there are no advertisements of Greece in the most powerful tourist market in Europe, in Germany. Greece is forgotten there. The only thing the Germans hear of Greece, is scandals, The GNTO is NOT advertising Greece in Germany any more, they concentrate on cheap mass tourism from Russia. This will be surely a solution for saving Greece… (???)

  6. Gerd Schäfers says:

    I hope a new governement will take care, that this will not happen

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