Pick of the Day: Open Access to Berlin’s Geodata

FIS Broker - Berlin GeoDataBy Renard Teipelke

In a recent blog article (here), I discussed the role of statistical data before/after disasters. I made one particular reference to the important work of the bureau of statistics (or whatever its name is) in collecting, filing, and updating statistical data. In an ideal case, these data sets are also prepared for use by third parties. With respect to geodata, Berlin’s Administration has made the first step in enabling exactly this: putting collected geodata on the web for letting other people make best use (we hope so) of the information. One rationale behind open access to geodata is that various user groups can come up with very different and often innovative ways of putting geodata into (new) use for products and services (see also here). Another rationale is the transparency behind open access platforms. Even though the public sector will not give up its power over geodata collection (and most likely keep the most sensitive data sets to itself), Berlin has made an important decision for the benefit of various user groups, who are now invited to become part of this multi-actor open access project.

Check out the story (in German) here.

Check out the geodata platform for Berlin here.

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