Workshop Announcement: Urban crisis or urban crises?


Athens, 5-7 December 2013


Comparing austerity urbanism, everyday life and resistance in Greek and German cities

Address: National Technical University of Athens/Tositsa Building/ Patision 142

Organized by:
Department of Geosciences / Geography, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
Department of Urban and Regional Planning, National Technical University of Athens
Supported by DAAD



09.30 -10.00 Introduction

10.00- 11:30   Session 1
Bernd Belina
Goethe University Frankfurt
“Germany in times of the euro crisis: passive consensus, blaming ‘the other’ and new nationalism”

Dina Vaiou 
National Technical University of Athens
“Crisis and inequalities in Athens. Putting women in the picture”

11.30-12.00   Coffee break

12.00-13.30   Session 2
Sofia Tsadari 
National Technical University of Athens
“Eleonas of Athens: Genealogy of crisis phenomena and the current crisis”

Christian Smigiel 
University of Leipzig
“Role-model for austerity politics?! Experiences from Eastern Europe”

13.30-15.00   Lunch

15.00-16.30   Session 3
Tino Petzold 
Goethe University Frankfurt
“Contextualising austerity urbanism in a system of multi-level fiscal governance”

Conny Petzold 
Goethe University Frankfurt
“Actors and strategies of the financialisation of the local state in Germany”

16.30-17.00   Coffee break

17.00-18.30   Session 4
Costis Hadjimichalis
Harokopio University Athens
“Forms of land grabbing in Greece under crisis”

Anne Vogelpohl
Hamburg University
“Experts advice- the role of private consultants in urban austerity policies”



Fieldtrip to Hellinikon



10.00- 11:30   Session 5
Daniel Mullis 
Goethe University Frankfurt
“Resisting the European austerity regime: the case of Blockupy Frankfurt/M”

Evangelia Chatzikonstantinou, Maria Kalantzopoulou, Penny Koutrolikou, Dimitra Spanou, Fereniki Vatavali
Encounter Athens
“Crisis regimes and emerging social movements in the cities of Southern Europe. The experience of an international workshop.”

11.30-12.00   Coffee break

12.00-13.30   Session 6
Felix Silimon-Pflug
Goethe University Frankfurt
“The de-politicization of urban development: the case of public real estate”

Maria Mantouvalou, Thanos Pagonis, Dimosthenis Houpas, Alexis Ioannou, Eva Karagiozidou, Domna Katsani, Iliana Kella, Verina Miroforidou, Eva Papatzani, Eleni Ploumidi, Viki Polichronopoulou, Sofia Theodoraki, Antonis Tsiligiannis
National Technical University of Athens
“Aspects of the crisis in Athens. Lessons from an MA course”

13.30-15.00   Lunch

15.00-16.30   Session 7
Felix Wiegand 
Goethe University Frankfurt
“Austerity urbanism in Germany: Debt brakes, emergency managers and the struggle over local democracy”

Dimitra Siatitsa
National Technical University of Athens
“The housing question in the context of the crisis in Athens”

16.30-17.00   Coffee break

17.00-18.30   Session 8
Susanne Heeg 
Goethe University Frankfurt
“The housing question in German cities in the aftermath of the financial crisis”

Athena Athanasiou
Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences, Athens
 “Crisis as a ‘state of exception’: Critiques and resistances”

18.30-19.00   Final discussion

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