Diepsloot from above

Diepsloot, Jo’burg, from above


You can download the full call here.

This call for participation is addressed to students and young professionals (incl. PhD candidates) who want to work on the subject in a team composed of 10 participants from Germany and 10 from South Africa, two weeks in July (30/6 -14/07) and two weeks in November (17/11- 01/2) 2013.

The (In)formal City is a project initiated by Inpolis and the Goethe-Institut and funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung, aiming at bringing together practitioners and scholars from urban and cultural studies in Berlin and Johannesburg to work on the broad issue of informality.

The candidates need to address their interest until May 15th to (see below for details). Those shortlisted will be invited to an interview. The maximum number of available places is 5 students (2 in a waiting list) and 3 young professionals (1 in waiting list)


Total contribution 250 € per person. This includes:

Berlin: All program costs, including transportation in Berlin, site visits, entrance fees, speakers, professional guidance and input, and internship in a Berlin bottom-up-project. We do not pay for transport to/from Berlin or for accommodation in Berlin.

Johannesburg: All program costs, including flight, accommodation, food, transportation, field trips, entrance fees, speakers, professional guidance and input, and participation in field-research.

What we offer:

The project will give you the opportunity to work together with students and seniors in an interdisciplinary team and an international context over a total period of approximately 6 months. This includes two full weeks in Berlin and another two in Johannesburg (field-weeks). See full program description below.

You will be able to experience practices of formality and informality in both cities and gather empirical material, which may be of interest to your work or research. There is the possibility to base a thesis (Bachelor, MA, or other papers) on the project, including supervision by participating professionals and the possibility to contribute to the official project publication scheduled for 2014.  All student participants receive a certificate by the Goethe-Institut.

Additionally there is a bonus for a possible future internship for the best participants.

What we expect:

We expect full presence during the 4 field-weeks of the project

We expect active participation in the remaining time, an open mind and team-work.

We expect you to contribute to the project blog ( with a minimum of 10 short blog entries (ca. 500-1000 words in English) during the 6 months of the project.


You can download the full call here

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  1. jaime Hernandez says:

    Hi Ares,   This sounds very exciting! Actually I would like to participate. Do you think is there any chance to get some funding for me to attend the Johannesburg Project in November? I could contribute to the project with my own experience and perhaps taking the case of our Bogotàs informal settlements and see what we could we learn each other.   All the best,   Jaime Hernandez


  2. Ares says:

    Reblogged this on The (in)formal city.

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