Journal of Place Management and Development, Special Issue “The business of Place” online now

The old Dunlop factory in Manchester

The old Dunlop factory in Manchester

The special issue of the Journal of Place Management and Development on the 3rd Place Branding Conference “The business of Place”, which took place in Manchester in February 2013, is available online now. 

From the guest editorial: The business of place: critical, practical and pragmatic perspectives

“Place branding, place management, place marketing, strategic spatial development, public-private partnerships, town teams, all synonyms describing one thing – the application of business principles to place. The language and conventions of business and marketing have spread across the world, to places of all scales, from district centre management through to nation branding.

Manchester Metropolitan University, in partnership with the Institute of Place Management and INPOLIS was delighted to host the leading international academics and practitioners for a two-day conference in February 2013 (14-15). The conference was dedicated to understanding the similarities and differences in our interpretation and application of business principles, such as management, marketing and branding, to places of all scales and all types.

Various parts of the debate have been chosen for this special issue, and are reflected in the papers published here. There is a common assumption that some business principles can be applied, although there is still a gap between what is conceptually possible and desirable on the one hand and practically realised on the other. There is also a wide variety of terms to describe place intervention synonyms. Are we planning? Are we developing? Are marketing, managing or branding places?


Ares Kalandides

Guest Editor

You can read the full guest editorial here


Here is the list of all papers:

1.Guest editorial: “The business of place: critical, practical and pragmatic perspectives”

Ares Kalandides

2. “My place is not your place – different place brand knowledge by different target groups”

Sebastian Zenker, Suzanne C. Beckmann (pp. 6 – 17)

3. “My city – my brand: the different roles of residents in place branding”

Erik Braun, Mihalis Kavaratzis, Sebastian Zenker (pp. 18 – 28)

4. “Developing a collective capacity for place management”

Tore Omholt (pp. 29 – 42)

5.“Slum tourism, city branding and social urbanism: the case of Medellin, Colombia”

Jaime Hernandez-Garcia (pp. 43 – 51)

6.“The tools for city centre revitalization in Portugal”

Pedro Porfírio Guimarães (pp. 52 – 66)

7.“A study on the delivery of city branding advertisements in China: City branding advertisement on CCTV, 2007-2010”

Wen Chunying (pp. 67 – 75)

About Ares

Ares Kalandides holds a PhD in Urban and Regional Studies from the National Technical University of Athens. He is the founder and CEO of Inpolis, an international consultancy based in Berlin, Germany and has implement several projects around the world. Ares teaches Urban Economics at the Technical University in Berlin and Metropolitan Studies at NYU Berlin.
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