Pick of the day: Michael Hayman, “The Place Race”

Though I profoundly disagree with the article, it is still interesting to see how superficial the discussion on place branding is:

“In a world where perception and reputation are king, the successful cities of the future will have more to do with developing powerful urban brands that they can sell than erecting new buildings. Make no mistake, this is no longer about bricks and mortar. The best stories will win and mayors are best placed to be the story-tellers.”

Read the whole article in the Huffington Post: Michael Hayman: The Place Race.

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1 Response to Pick of the day: Michael Hayman, “The Place Race”

  1. Linda Lees says:

    There is nothing wrong with a mayor promoting his or her city. That’s part of the job. But changing the narrative alone won’t revitalize a struggling city. I suggest for starters that Mr. Hayman takes a look at “The New Geography of Jobs,” by Enrico Moretti, who makes a strong case for what actually attracts business and workers to cities and the reasons for the current economic disparities among them.

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