Pick of the day: Thierse ‘drags Berlin debate to a new low’ – The Local

With his intolerant comments about Swabian newcomers, long-time Berlin resident and former Bundestag President Wolfgang Thierse has taken the debate about gentrification in the German capital to a new low, argues Christian Bangel of ZEIT ONLINE.

read the whole story here: Thierse laments Swabian invasion of Berlin
and the commentary here: Thierse ‘drags Berlin debate to a new low’ – The Local.

About Ares

Ares Kalandides holds a PhD in Urban and Regional Studies from the National Technical University of Athens. He is the founder and CEO of Inpolis, an international consultancy based in Berlin, Germany and has implement several projects around the world. Ares teaches Urban Economics at the Technical University in Berlin and Metropolitan Studies at NYU Berlin.
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2 Responses to Pick of the day: Thierse ‘drags Berlin debate to a new low’ – The Local

  1. fereshteh habib says:

    We are facing three intellectual approaches in this way. Followers of assimilation, critical cultural pluralism, and civil cultural pluralism. The followers of assimilation accept social shortfalls and shortcomings in attracting and assimilating the colored people. The followers of critical cultural pluralism reject any compromise and any idea of submitting to the cultural patterns of the white indisputably. They believe all school curriculum must be changed based on cultural pluralism. They do not mean uprooting the ruling cultural regulations, rather they seek a change in the society based on the critical education and pedagogy that has taken initiatives from the freedom-seeking works of Paulo Freire, the Brazilian educational specialists, the works of sociologists in the School of Frankfurt and French thinkers such as Henri Lefebrre, J. Derrida, and Michel Foucault. The result is an astonishing amalgam of cultural pluralism that despite clamorous rejection of Western values, has taken its essence from the Western culture. The followers of the civil cultural pluralism seek a half-way path, i.e. a path between the idea of compromise of the followers of assimilation and the extremism of the critical cultural pluralism. In other words, the third path that pleases the followers of pluralism and the followers of cultural unity. As I felt from this text Thierse’s view in this scope is assimilation, Would you please tell me what is your idea dear Ares?

    • Ares says:

      I am planning to write a blog entry on it next week, so you’ll know more about my thoughts.

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