In the Shadows of the High Line –

In the Shadows of the High Line -

A while back we published a very popular blog post on High Line New York, which has been on the top of the daily clicks every since. Now, here is another article from the New York Times, which tells quite a different story. Absolutely worth reading for anybody interested in the gentrification debate.

JEREMIAH MOSS writes: “Today it’s difficult to remember that initial feeling. The High Line has become a tourist-clogged catwalk and a catalyst for some of the most rapid gentrification in the city’s history.”

Read the whole article here: In the Shadows of the High Line –

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2 Responses to In the Shadows of the High Line –

  1. Linda Lees says:

    I read this article with great interest this morning. Jeremiah makes the case. There is nothing wrong with tourism but there is with policies that force out small businesses in exchange for high-end corporate attractions. We risk losing the soul of the city or what’s left of it. This is one thing much overlooked about Mayor Bloomberg’s tenure.

    • Ares says:

      Though I have never seen the High Line myself, I loved Jermiah’s article. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Linda.

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