A practitioner’s viewpoint in integrated Place Branding: four principles and some thoughts

© “Discesa di un Sistema” by Kristina Milakovic

by Ares Kalandides

This is my latest article for the Tafter Journal. Here I take the viewpoint of a practitioner and discuss Place Branding  in day-to-day work to extract a series of principles that can serve as reflection. You can read the full paper here.

The four principles are:

Principle No. 1: Consultant and client should take time to agree on their understanding of place branding and on what they can expect from it.

Principe No. 2: The motivation behind place branding needs to be as transparent as possible.

Principle No. 3: Consultant and client need to find a compromise between the need for fast visible results and a robust analysis that pays tribute to the complex and political nature of place.

Principle No. 4: A place branding strategy needs the involvement of a broad range of stakeholders and the formation of strong partnerships.

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