2 Responses to Guest article: Russian Place Branding – we start with the alphabet

  1. Love the article! Great job, Irina! Very to-the-point and making an awesome point – “Should we start with a logo?”. Russia does have a tendency of doing things backwards. Maybe this is our nature. And the fact that we’re moving (regardless the direction) is a strong statement by itself.

    Just to add to the discuss, here’s an example if Calgary logo (flag), a city with which I have close personal association. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_IaLo5PI9rjc/S93mZOIfRjI/AAAAAAAAANg/9L_HR5HkskQ/s1600/flag-calgary.png. It does have the city’s first letter too, but it also showcases the cowboy hat, Calgary’s heritage.

    On another thought, I realized that Canadian cities are also famous for using heraldic symbols. Is this the case with Russian cities?

  2. Irina
    You are right to be cynical about the effectiveness of this approach to city branding. I traveled by train through Russia in 2010 and many of the cities I visited need to undertake a lot of work in clarifying and developing a distinct visitor experience and proposition before they start to develop brands (which should start with their brand values, essence, purpose, audience and and messaging before seeking resident support and then deciding on a logo). http://www.edinburgh-inspiringcapital.com/ I was responsible for custodianship of Edinburgh’s brand for a number of years. I think it is an example of a good city brand.

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